Tales of the Old North Shore


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by Howard Sivertson

The whimsical favorite of the Howard Sivertson collection and, yes, that is a cow in the boat. Find out why!



Howard Sivertson’s third award-winning book is a great gift for anyone who loves the shore. Forty-four original color paintings explain the legends, events and traditions of the north shore lifestyle. You’ll find the Snoose Moose, the America, a letter from Norway and John Beargrease.

Tales of the Old North Shore continues the tradition started with his first two books, Once Upon An Isle and The Illustrated Voyageur. The tradition goes on with Schooners, Skiffs & Steamships and his latest, Driftwood.

Winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award and Mid-America Publishers Association Award.

94 pages, 44 color paintings, 11-1/2″ x 9-1/4″, hardcover.