Shipwrecks of Lake Superior


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Edited by James R. Marshall

This popular edition serves up an excellent overview of these shipwrecked boats and their end. Maps, dramatic color and black-and-white photos and stories will fascinate all ages. Includes the stories of the Mesquite and theories on the Edmund Fitzgerald.



Second Edition

The second edition of the popular James Marshall’s Shipwrecks of Lake Superior is updated and redesigned to best present the engaging collection of maps, photos (historical and color) and accounts of the boats that once sailed the Greatest of Lakes. Will keep young and old “wreckies” turning pages. Includes the story of the Mesquite and the latest theories on the Edmund Fitzgerald.

128 pages, 8-1/2″ x 11″, softcover.
ISBN: 978-0-942235-67-3.
Item Number: LS1203.