NEW! All Natural 100% Soy Candles


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NEW! Delightful, lightly scented, all natural and hand-poured, these locally-made 100% soy candles come in 3 scents that call to mind the Northland. Exclusive to us, the blue Lake Superior Breeze candle will take you to the shore in a single sniff. Lazy Day Lilac (white) is sunshine and late spring, while Minnesota White Pine (white) goes deep into a summer forest. These are perfect gifts to remind someone special of home. All candles are in 8 oz. jars and have a 40-hour burn time. Try all 3!



Locally made in Duluth, Minnesota by Riverside Soy Candles. Available in 3 Up-North scents: Exclusive, blue, Lake Superior Breeze, Lazy Day Lilac (white) and Minnesota White Pine (white).  8 oz jars. 40-hour burn time.