Haunted Lakes II


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by Frederick Stonehouse

The inland seas flow with so many spellbinding tales of ghosts, sea serpents and spirits that one book just couldn’t hold them all!


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Spirits, sea serpents and superstitions. The inland seas of the Great Lakes hold just as many spellbinding ghostly tales as the salt-water seas. One book simply couldn’t carry all of the hauntings of these massive lakes – so now comes Haunted Lakes II, sequel to the popular Haunted Lakes.

Once again noted maritime author Frederick Stonehouse compiles the mystifying tales of ghosts on boats, under water and in lighthouses, of underwater creatures and shipboard superstitions in an entertaining collection gathered from true believers. This is the perfect companion to the first Haunted Lakes and has become a Great Lakes classic in its own right.

200 pages, historic photos, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, softcover.
ISBN: 978-0-942235-39-5.
Item Number: LS1215.