Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park


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Edited by Daniel J. Lenihan

The waters of Isle Royale National Park hold remains of famed shipwrecks. In here, the Park's exacting survey shows how the wrecks lie today. With special fold-out underwater archeological drawings.



The Archeological Survey

Within the boundaries of Isle Royale National Park lie the remains of some of this nation’s most famous shipwrecks. The America, Emperor and Kamloops are only three of these significant wrecks. The National Park Service conducted a detailed survey of exactly how the wrecks lie today, the results of which have been published as a book of immense interest to divers, historians and shipwreck enthusiasts.

240 pages, illustrated with black-and-white and color pictures, special fold-out underwater archeological drawings, 8-1/2″ x 11″, softcover.
ISBN: 978-0-942235-18-5.
Item Number: LS1295.