Ladies of the Lakes


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by Jim Clary

A delightful book of Jim Clary's marine paintings and the bits and pieces on maritime history he's collected during his art research.



From Thunder Bay Press

Jim Clary’s unquestionable marine art talent is traced to his early days as a schoolboy. He remembers vividly having his ears boxed while drawing in his arithmetic. But his love for the sea and ships no doubt began during the years he lived near the Detroit River, fishing and playing amidst the sea gulls and the beckoning whistles of passing vessels. This he believes established his strong desire to paint ships.

When the family moved to the rural town of Richmond, Michigan, Jim spent much of his time in nearby St. Clair, a small town along the St. Clair River, which deepened his interest in ships’ lore, and led him to devote his full talents to painting ships and collecting bits and pieces on maritime history.

192 pages, 8.6″ x 11″, softcover.
ISBN: 978-1-882376-07-2.
Item Number: LS1160.